Tower Unite

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  • Release date: 4/7/2016
  • Developer: PixelTail Games
  • Publisher: PixelTail Games
  • Genre: ActionAdventureIndieMassively MultiplayerEarly Access
  • Languages: English
  • Features: Single-player, Multi-player, Online Multi-Player, MMO, Co-op, Online Co-op, Partial Controller Support, Steam Cloud, Valve Anti-Cheat enabled
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Tower Unite

Tower Unite

PixelTail Games
Requirements minimum
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Integrated graphic cards will have trouble running the game.
Requirements recomended
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: 3 GHz Quad-Core 64-bit CPU
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX11 Compatible GPU with 2 GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

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Tower Unite Review: Play, Create, Enjoy

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Professional Review

Tower Unite is a multiplayer virtual world game in which there are many mini-games, various entertainments and no microtransactions at all. You can download Tower Unite, that is in early access, on PC or Xbox and enjoy variety of activities.

Tower Unite Concept 4/5

You’ll find yourself in a huge game universe where you will be able to construct anything, starting from the large-scale house and ending with the pyramid of Egypt. Create your own unique character and choose your personage’s style. Also, you can use Workshop, modifying various things and downloading them.

Organize cool parties with lots of friends and snazzy music, browse videos on YouTube, or fly, using a jet pack. This project also includes many third-party mini-games that are dedicated to different topics. Up to eighteen people may participate in them. You can find bowling, casino, zombie-survival, ball race, and many season events.

If you don’t know what to do, you can walk through Plaza. This mart is one of the main buildings in the game, and there are many people in it. You can visit shops in this mall and buy something.

Visual Effects 4/5

Based on Unreal Engine 4, graphics in this game can be called rich enough. The picture isn’t dull, and each location differs from each other. There present juicy colors that, anyway, don’t irritate your eyes. Variety of details and objects is a big advantage, but it can cause freezes on slow computers. Therewith, animation of personages is satisfying, but sometimes it looks funny.

Audio Effects 5/5

In this Tower Unite Review, we desire to say that audio effects are up to the mark. There are many melodies that play in various mini-games and lobby. When you hang out, you can switch special songs on YouTube. Some actions are also followed by special sounds, and it evokes the sensation of a presence in the game.

Controls 4/5

Controls in this game are smooth. Pleasant feature in Tower Unite is that manipulation for different regimes is well developed. Anyway, there appear some problems because the game is in early access, and it needs improvement.  Of course, you’ll need to take to some features of controls, for example, in the process of flying on jet-pack.

Replay Value 3/5

If you have friends, who also play this game, you’ll want to spend a lot of time in Tower Unite. There are many opportunities for hanging out with them. If you play this game alone, you won’t stay there for so long. First, you’ll investigate the world with its abilities and features. But then you’ll realize that you’ve tried everything, and you have nothing to do there.


Finally, the developers have created a nice project that should be improved further. It’s such a fun to gather with friends, go through various locations and try new activities. You can use your skills of an architect, building and designing a unique house. Also, you’ll be able to find new friends, walking through shops. Download Tower Unite and live a bright life!


We suppose that you’ll like the game. If the real world is dull, you can come there and relax.

Pros : No micrtotransactions;
Big world;
A lot of mini-games;
Ability to modify appearance and house;
Nice soundtracks.

Cons : Bugs;
Slow loading of big locations.

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 3.0

Average : 3.8

Everyone recommends to play it!
You just can't miss this game!
One of the best action games ever!

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