TOP-5 Nintendo Labo Custom Creations: Meant To Bring You Fun

TOP-5 Nintendo Labo Custom Creations: Meant To Bring You Fun on Blog

Have you already heard about the latest Nintendo development Labo? Or maybe you’ve even tried it on your own? If you still haven't, then we have some good reasons to assure you, that Nintendo Labo is a cool project.

Nintendo Labo is a direct development from the Switch that took a company two years to create. It appeared in January of 2018, and made Nintendo fans exclaim with surprise: “What?! Additional pieces of the cardboard to play on my console? How can it be true?”

However, Nintendo Labo is literally a cardboard kit attached to the console. And this is the innovative word in video games entertainment!

Labo is a constructor consisting of 25 cardboard modules that are specifically designed for interacting with your Nintendo Switch. With the help of this set, you can build up a variety of different items that can significantly modify your gaming experience. Design a piano or a fishing rod, a vehicle or a robot, - all the designing opportunities are here in your hands. After that, you gain almost the unlimited possibilities of combining your Switch console with your Labo design.

These cupboard-made items are called Toy-Cons in order to highlight its connection to Joy-Con controllers. These elements are meant to be controlled with the advanced vibration Joy-Con system. Clicking, pushing, touching and other interactions with your Toy-Cons are followed by the infrared sensor. Thus clicking your mini-piano cupboard keys will make a sound.

Nintendo Labo project, first of all, aims the kids’ audience due to its high level of interactivity. Even the adults can’t remain indifferent! When you figure out how the technology works, how each Toy-Con can be adjusted, there is simply no chance to resist this exciting game.

Labo has already inspired Nintendo Switch users to bring their creativity in funny projects. We’ve selected the TOP-5 Nintendo Labo Custom Creations which definitely deserve to be replayed.

Become a musician with the Labo keyboard

Do you have music in your mind even while you are playing a console? Then Labo piano is coming at your exposal. You can use it as the instrument itself or as a GarageBand-style studio tool. In both cases, turning into a composer or a musician in the scale of your room becomes the Sunday picnic.

With Labo keyboard, you can cover your favorite songs on the console thanks to the huge compilation of online covers from 2Pac’s rap to Chopin classics.

When you press a key, the console detects the movement and reproduces the corresponding sound. You will hear it thanks to console’s built-in speaker. The music-creating process will capture your attention entirely. We should mention, that Labo can as well function as the stringed instrument.

Place your valuables in a secure cardboard safe

Nintendo offers you to keep your things secure with a… cardboard safe! Use this unique design for creating your own storage. Just don’t forget to set an exclusive combination, for example, with these different kinds of figures. Switch battery ability is going to protect your important items for sure, for some time.

Music again: bongos!

You are going to have total freedom in creating music with Labo! What about some native Afro-Cuban sounding? Create a pair of small drums which are known as bongos with your Nintendo Labo and feel yourself a real bongosero. Handy tip: use it for playing Donkey Konga (2003), preferably in a big company of friends. Completely new experience of the walkthrough is guaranteed.

A hat-trick: develop agility and accuracy with Labo

Want to have some fun at a home party? Then let’s just play a game that is based on the aiming in a hat. Sounds fun? We also think so. Just put your console into a special Hat-trick box, connect it with a hat, and start throwing items in it. We decided to throw playing cards. As they are lightweight and uncontrollable. So the task will really set you in a pickle. Thank goodness, the Joy-Con system of your Nintendo will take the scoring on itself.

Dog treat dispenser: entertain your pet with Labo

As we love our dogs so much we can let them play our favorite toys. Nintendo Labo is not an exception! They can be entertained with a unique system of serving food, and we can finally relax with the complicated process of feeding our lovable pets. Labo adjusted in a special way will give your dog a food in a playful manner. Your Labo will shoot the pieces of dog’s nutrition as your dog will come nearer. Food & fun mixed, what can be better?

We shared with you TOP-5 (in our opinion) funny and odd Labo custom creations. We believe that you can make better and even stranger stuff with your Labo. Create, have fun, and bring the unlimited Labo opportunities to life!

Lara Young

Action games lover. Nerdy book club member.

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