Red Dead Redemption 2: Battle Royale Mode Confirmed

Red Dead Redemption 2: Battle Royale Mode Confirmed on Blog

As the beta testing of Red Dead Royale begins, and the fans are all watching with mouths open like tired dogs, it turns out that America of the late XIX century follows the latest fashion of 2018. Yes, Red Dead Redemption 2: Battle Royale Mode is implied, so those into dog-eat-dog style will be bloody happy.

How Red Dead Online Functions in Royale Mode

There’s always more of everything in projects that form a cult; so it is with RDO. It even has two different Battle Royale’s, both named Make It Count, but with some differences. It’s a paradox, but none of the versions relies on the gunfight. One of them offers you to come with knives, as many of them as you need because you’ll have to throw them at your enemies. The second option is similar, but it features bows and arrows instead. Each version offers knives or arrows as a resource the player has to loot not to run out of.

The location is part of the generic RDO terrain, but it’s not so large, and it shrinks as time passes, so the survivors can’t hide away in remote huts or caves. Everybody should attend the final showdown.

Opinions On This

Rockstar does its best to keep the beta testing closed and hermetic. The first wave of testers only accepted those with RDR 2 Ultimate Edition. The second wave included those who played RDR 2 the very day it was released. On 30 November, the game became available for all RDR2 owners.

Though the group of beta testers allowed is small and hermetic, some opinions have been heard on this. So far reviewers are enthusiastic about this mode that breathes some life into the game, in spite of its being used by anyone. This battle style seems to suite Wild West era. Unlike general slow pace, this mode is made for faster moves and swifter reactions.

Those, who tried, say that the best tactics are hiding in the forest with dense foliage, so you can approach others unnoticed and kill them with one knife or arrow.

What Else Is There

In December, Red Dead Online should be available to any owner of the original RDR 2. So you need to hurry to purchase your copy of it (a regular edition will do, too). The sooner you register in RDR 2, the earlier you will get access to Red Dead Redemption 2: Battle Royale Mode, aka Make It Count.

By the way, there are also collaborative missions, but they don’t hit the headlines as Battle Royale does. Rockstar knows how to make friends with trends.

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