Fortnite Season 6 Innovations, New Locations, And What Pets Do

Fortnite Season 6 Innovations, New Locations, And What Pets Do on Blog

One of the paramount icons of gaming by 2018, Fortnite (not that it’s necessary, but we mean Battle Royale) is constantly evolving. The new season is already the sixth in the game’s history, and it brings some improvements and changes. So even those who have played the previous five seasons will find the game really new in some aspects.

This season update is really a major one. Some minor improvements are combines with rebalancing the game at all, adding new elements and locations that change the game you act completely. The complete list of updates rolled out in Season 6 is already available, so let’s look and see.


There’s still only one Island, but it’s been explored deeper and filled with new spots. When a storm closes in, the terrain is ranged into safety zones. The zones have been reviewed, so wait time is mostly reduced while shrink time, on the contrary, increased.

The most noticeable (even from the Battle Bus) is The Floating Island. It’s even promoted in the intro to the new season. Looking quite Avatarish, it really floats in the air above the rest of the terrain, but it’s not that unreachable. You can both land upon it easily directly from The Bus, or build stairs up to it. Yes, there is something worthy to search for.

There are other locations, like Haunted Castle (exactly what it says on the tin), Corn Fields, or Corrupted Areas. The game benefits from special appearance and properties of these new territories you’re to explore.


First of all, the game now offers combat and building modes, switchable with a single move. Each mode offers its own action list to select from, so mistaken moves are now harder to make.

Matchmaking is also restyled. Previously based on the device players use, now it switched its focus to input methods. That is, if you use a keyboard-and-mouse set on your PS4, you will rather join a PC player community and will compete with them. It doesn’t apply if you play on your PC with an Xbox controller; you’ll still be queued among PC users.

Another object for reviewing is Battle Pass. You can stick to free one and start from level 1 up to 100, or purchase your upgrades for 150 V-Bucks per level. Some premium items or awards are only available at paid levels, but none of them will impact the gameplay or provide any advantage, so most players can stay on their free Battle Pass.


The most visible update to the game process is pets. At tier 12 you unlock a dog, at tier 29 here comes a chameleon, and at Tier 43 you can unlock (and unleash) your dragon! So all you need is to progress and collect V-Bucks, as they can buy both pets and level upgrade. Finally, there’s something you’ll want to spend those V-Bucks for.

But are they a living weapon, an instant healer, or what? In fact, nothing of that. Epic doesn’t use them to unbalance the game, so, when you purchase a pet, you get no advantage over those petless. But it also seems ambivalent: a pet will make you more recognizable, and your team may benefit from that. And again: they look cute! So cute that you don’t even think what these funny creatures do in the battle they’re completely useless in. You just enjoy their presence.


More of a game changer is Shadow Stone. Edible stone is a miracle anyway, but this one makes you completely invisible when you’re still and shadowy when you’re moving. The balance is kept with a shadow trail you leave when moving and locking weapons, so you’re only up for melee when a shadow. That’s a completely new element though it’s been talked about a lot.


The developers claim to fix some bugs and improve performance, so the game will run more stable now. PC users are probably the first to experience this, but it also affects Switch and Android versions. We didn’t notice aby new bugs while playing reviewed Fortnite, though performance didn’t increase that much. What for visuals, there’s only a slight change in storm visualization and, of course, pets, and that’s all for today.

Anyway, the experience received enough new elements to regain attention even from those who know it inside out.

Rowen Hebert

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