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Best PS4 Games August 2018 on Blog

While the developers finally drop PS3 support, PS4 remains the only mainstream Sony console, and it’s not likely to be replaced soon. So when we speak of new console releases, most of them are available for PS4.

Here’s the list of the best PS4 games for August 2018. Maybe you have already tried them or walked through; but chances are there is something you haven’t tried, and each one is definitely worth it.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Formally released in September 2018, this game has been widely discussed long before, as it’s the most available Marvel/Sony game. Since in cinema Spider-Man has made his comehoming, what will become of him in the gaming universe? All the best expectations were right. It’s an open world action-filled game where the character has enough reasons to show all his abilities. The tricks you can perform with him are natural for this character, and, as you get used to controls and learn the ways to act, you get to know Peter Parker from the beginning.

Inspired rather by MCU than the original comic books, this game tries to get as photorealistic as can be. Like in Homecoming, we don’t have to follow the original story from the very beginning with a spider bite. We meet Peter Parker already aware of his new entity, but still living a dual life, and it shows in the missions we are to complete.

Nearly perfect visually, this game is organic in its essence: no other character can substitute for Spider-Man here, with his unique techniques. And it’s a pure pleasure, even for those not crazy about Marvel universe.

Dead Cells

Who said rogue-like games are out of fashion forever? Though Dead Cells is not strictly rogue-like, it uses genre elements to make its Metroidvania base more unpredictable. Prepare to explore the ever-changing level and die so suddenly and frequently as no other type of game can suppose.

Your character is a creature made of separate cells that gains control over a dead body and utilizes its abilities. Your mission is to get out of the castle that constantly changes its construction. Along with traps and enemies on your way you find additional cells that can be exchanged for some constant upgrades. But you must finish the level to take this advantage; otherwise (that’s rogue!) you just lose them.

One of its most attractive features is interactive streaming via Twitch, allowing the player to receive feedback and recommendations from viewers. Alas, it requires Twitch integration, and the PS4 version lacks it so far.

Divinity: Original Sin II

It’s great for an RPG to get you emotionally involved, and this game does the job from the very beginning. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it’s so highly acclaimed both by critics and ordinary players. The character you play is a Sourcerer, a person sensitive to the Source (yes, it rhymes with The Force, and you will use it), and you are to save your kingdom Rivellon from magic attacks by odd creatures from Void, the home of the terrible God King.

The game offers both perfect branchy storyline and excellent graphics. You can play it alone or in party of up to four players, both online and locally. Multiplayer experience is highly enriched by interactions between players, and it’s a great field to explore, with group battle tactics and skills mixing.

Though formally it was released in 2017, it made its way to Sony PS4 in August 2018 only. So we just couldn’t but list it along with other best PS4 games of this month. It’s already appreciated as one of the best RPG’s ever made, and we agree.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

While here comes the final season for our beloved Rick in the TV show, the game developers have their own reasons to complete the story. The game will be released in four episodes, until late 2018, and the first one is already available.

Our main character is still Clementine we follow from the beginning of the game series, growing up and surviving in the world full of dangerous zombies and even more dangerous people. The new crew of survivors we meet in the beginning seems even more unpredictable, because they are all children or teenagers, with their emotional state unstable and social skills very specific.

Graphically it’s somewhere between the original comic books and the latest season of Fear the Walking Dead, with its paled down colors. The pace gets slower because of so many dialogs, but that’s inherited from the source, again. It all helps recreating the original atmosphere and fitting the game into the Walking Dead universe.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Football simulation games grow more and more complicated from year to year. Graphics and physics progress to make game simulation more realistic. Teams and players list is constantly updated to mirror the real life. New teams and stadiums are added. So it is with 2019 installment.

Along with refreshed team and club list, the developers improved players and ball interaction mechanics. Now their movements are even more realistic. With no more support of old consoles, it fully utilizes the potential of PS4 hardware. The improvements are more of an evolution than of a revolution, but the experience is really enhanced.

Some may get disappointed with the fact that UEFA has discontinued its license to Konami, so Super Cup or Champions League are now represented by FIFA’19. But it didn’t influence the gaming process, and PES is still a first-rate football simulator.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

A new RPG by developers of Tomb Raider is another installment of the famous series keeping its traditions. Though the game seems to offer the same esthetics and plots over decades, the games remain the masterpiece of the RPG genre, and this one is no exception.

The recurring storylines and quests could have been called clichés, hadn’t most of them been established in this very series. The same story twists and combat mechanics, characters set and missions to complete appear again and again. But what makes it shine is constant irony and creative. So the long gameplay will really keep you involved until the end.

F1 2018

Is it the best racing experience in the market? If it’s not true, it’s not far from it. F1 official series has been evolving for latest years, and what we see in F1 2018 is a pure sequel of what we saw back in 2017, with no obvious visual revamping. Slight changes in game mechanics are hidden deep inside. The most noticeable improvement is career mode that adds hazard to the gaming process.

But do you really care about that more than about driving? And that’s where the game is the finest to date. The developers improved feedback and physics, so it feels realistic. There are even more cars available, from 1970s’ classics to the freshest hybrids. You’ll need a wheel controller to appreciate the most real experience; a basic controller will do too, but driving is about wheels, and F1 2018 is a good reason to finally afford the wheel.

Guacamelee! 2

Well, it’s another metroidvania platformer, with all the pros and cons of the genre. Your character is a luchador, currently out of shape, but he’ll have to regain it, as he’s the only one to save the Mexiverse from another luchador searching for ancient artifacts and the recipe of The Gods’ Guacamole. You get to the alternative history timeline to prevent the worst.

The game is still a platformer of the hardest sort, and the first part challenges seem nothing compared to what awaits here. The levels are much more complicated; so is the graphical part. It still mixes exploration platformer and beat’em up and succeeds in both. Frequent checkpoints are a salvation, because – prepare! – your character will die way too often. But that’s what we love these platformers for, right? If you liked the first part, you’ll like this one twice as much.

Madden NFL 19

The best American football simulator ever is still here, and it keeps its crown tightly. The mechanics got updated, especially running and catching. The 2019 installment offers new motions that look even more realistic. Not a revolution, but it makes the experience much better.

The gameplay hasn’t changed much; old fans will easily go on with the new game. The most prominent innovations include new modes, like three-vs-three and solo battles. Longshot mode is also here, now a sequel to the previous realization. What’s completely new is the soundtrack with a lot of rap stars featured.

One thing remains constant: Madden NFL is still the best American football simulator, and this year’s version keeps it on the throne.  No matter whether you’re a long-time fan or a newbie; you’ll like it anyway.

Overcooked 2

The funniest game on our list is certainly this one. It’s a cooking simulator spiced with humor and absurd so much that it becomes attractive beyond any genre preferences. The plot is quite as absurd as the details: you join the team of chefs to save the Onion Kingdom from Unbread zombie invaders… by cooking and serving dishes! The details are just as funny, and the developers’ fantasy went completely unleashed to create recipes like these. Arcade graphics style suits this atmosphere greatly.

You can play both solo and teaming with your mates. Teamwork adds a new dimension to simulation process, and cooking mechanics is a separate pleasure. Maybe this crazy kitchen is not the one you’d like to have in your mansion, but it’s a lot of fun to spend an hour or two in it to let its mindless vitality in.

To our mind, these are the best PS4 games published in August 2018. In fact, we’d like to mention more of them, like Strange Brigade or Donut County, but going on like this we’d have to list all of them, and it’s the quest we’d rather leave to you. So what do you think of these?

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