Battlefield 5 - Guess Who's Back, Back Again…

Battlefield 5 - Guess Who's Back, Back Again… on Blog

Battlefield is back on track with a new plotline, maps, features, and mission.

The game-developing company DICE, responsible for the Battlefield's very existence announced that the WW2 aesthetics and atmosphere will be reincarnated in their new release - Battlefield 5.

The game will hit the shop counters on October 19, 2018. Although you can get it 3 days earlier (October 16) if you pre-order the Deluxe Edition. Moreover, you have a chance to try it out on October 11 if you obtain a subscription to EA/Origin Access and pre-order the regular Edition.

What is it all about?

Battlefield 5 is an FPS - just like any other game in that franchise - dedicated to the battles/military operations that took place in Europe during the World War II.

Only this time the central attention in the game will be paid to lesser known but still pretty important WW2 events: the occupation of Norway, the Battle of Rotterdam, the African campaign (possibly the legendary Nazi general Rommel will be featured in the game) and so on, and so forth.

The fractions that the players can join will include British/European armies. Although the developers have noted that other fractions will be added to the Battlefield later.

It's also been revealed that the storyline in the shooter will be more elaborate and developed than in preceding Battlefield iterations, - that will influence both solo mode (War Stories) and online co-op.

New features

Endeavoring to bring into the game an element of long-hoped-for freshness, the authors included some curious elements:

  • Customization - as we have learned from the trailers, squad customization feature will be like a canvas for your fantasy. There's just a bloody load of things you can do with the in-game characters: put war-like make-up on their faces, change their real limbs with prosthetic ones etc.
  • Specializations - not that much unique but still cool. Each class can be upgraded, which awards certain useful skills (healing, sniping, tank-destroying etc.).
  • Freedom of movement - more maneuvers are available now, especially an extremely adorable "slide-n-shoot" maneuver.
  • Realism - visual/sounds effects, destructibility and so on, have definitely been upgraded providing you with almost authentic war experience and battle-spirit intoxication. Auto-spotting has been removed btw - you'll have to do the enemy-tagging yourself.

As for the gameplay modes, all in all, there'll be 5 of them:

  1. War Stories - campaign in Nazi-ridden Norway;
  2. Grand operations - co-op mode with missions, objectives and unique advantages for each of the confronting sides;
  3. Combined Arms - a 4-player co-op in which you can use your customized character;
  4. Fortifications - you'll be able to erect forts, gunner-nests, anti-bombardment bunkers etc. with limited resources on your hands;
  5. Tides of War - basically a special-event calendar with unique rewards, objectives and conditions. Furthermore, it coincides with actual historical events.

Quite a militaristic feast has been prepared for the franchise fans, as you can see.

Play-to-win or Pay-to-win?

The unfortunate experience of the SW Battlefront II - which at the moment balances between having a loyal fandom and turning into a miserable flop - discouraged a lot of game developers.

Luckily Battlefield 5 is totally free from the pay-to-win features which means your skills are the only thing you can rely upon on in the middle of a fierce shootout.

Extra-customization will require a few bucks indeed, however, the rest of the in-game content - maps, modes, campaigns - will be available to everyone free of charge.

Having such a mighty pack of alluring features and being free from the dreary pay-to-win option, Battlefield 5 seems to have quite a promising future.

Rowen Hebert

Reader and thinker, Internet enthusiast, meme expert.

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