A Bag Of Tricks To Win In PUBG: Try Them Before Others Do

A Bag Of Tricks To Win In PUBG: Try Them Before Others Do on Blog

To stay alive and to gain a victory. These are two missions essential for those who are playing PUBG. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the outstanding game which requires your agility and resourcefulness. With the tips and tricks below both good for new and experienced players, you will undoubtedly access a success. Get your Chicken Dinner by the end of the game, and this would mean you are a total winner!

Spend time learning how to kill

Before you start playing to the utmost extent, it is expediently to learn how to kill. You need some combat experience to become successful in PUBG. So better spend a few first matches just getting into fights. You’ll learn to get a gun fast and get used to player tactics. Thus you’ll become more effective in completing your future strategic missions. Such combat experience helps avoid flailing and missing shots and teaches what to expect from your weapon. Starting with PUBG do not try to win from the first attempts, try to gain more knowledge and skills.

Use zeroing distance

Zeroing distance is a PUBG feature needed for compensation of the lack of gravity in the game. It allows changing how the scope sees your targets by removing the need to aim far above the target and guess how far off they are. You can predict how far they are, and then zero in your scope using the bottoms Page Up and Page Down. It will make your shots more accurate. You should keep in head, that most scopes in PUBG are zeroed in at 100 meters by default.

For more precise measuring you have to look at the distance between you and the enemy. Use the squares on the map to find it out. Take note, that one square equals 100 metres. By counting all the squares together, you will get the distance. All you need to do to get started with zeroing is to change your zeroing keys and start practising.

Get a UAZ

In PUBG you should always have a vehicle. And no doubt that UAZ is the strongest one. It has a fast start speed and moves quickly and immediately from the second you pull the gas. The UAZ advantages are apparent: top speed, an ability to provide cover and climb on hills, to escape enemy’s position quickly as well.

Some PUBG gamers prefer motorbikes for they are so fast. But they have essential drawbacks such as slow start, long time to stop, no cover. And it can unpredictably lead you to death. So possessing UAZ is much more valuable and safe. If you get Dacia or a motorcycle, it is going to take a lot longer to get moving, and this leaves you very vulnerable to someone landing some easy shots on you.

But you also have to pay attention, that UAZ has quite a high fuel consumption, which negates much of its benefit. Better use it off-road or move between locations. We do not recommend you to drive near major locations as the UAZ ignition sound alone can be heard up to 125 meters away.

Make some cool jumps

By making jumps, you can get to the really cool places in PUBG. There are popular spots like stray balconies of garage houses. You can find over 30 of those across the map.

To get there, all you have to do is jump on the railing and then jump to the balcony. You can enter the building usually catching enemies from the back. It is awesome to do in the squads because you can attack upstairs from multiple angles at the same time.

Not all garages have that railing, but if you have a UAZ, you can boost yourself up. Just park your UAZ next to stairs, jump the stairs from the UAZ and then to the balcony. There are actually a bunch of places where you can use a UAZ to boost your positions.

Staying mobile

This trick considers the constant motion. Keep moving when fighting an enemy, holding an angle or patrolling the building. By endless changing your positions, you will give your enemy as little information as possible. And you will also make them false about where you are.

When someone sees you, he begins figuring out your next move. So if you take the initiative and move on you will get more control in the fight.

In the building move as much as possible between charts. Keep the enemy guessing about what you are going to do next. Get out of your comfort zone and change your playing style by transferring. Staying mobile is your best thing for surviving, and that’s what PUBG is all about.

Escaping the moving vehicle without taking damage

We should mention, that escaping the moving vehicle can be somewhat dangerous technique because if you mess it up, you'll die. Anyway, you should practise, and you’ll see that it is pretty consistent and useful.

How to use it? Drive right past the tree and jump out right when you get to it. You should take no damage, and your vehicle will keep going. Not only this would be a quick escape, but an excellent method to trick your enemies. They would think that you kept going and would be confused about where you were.

There is a special bonus for those who play duos or squads: if you mess this trick up, you won’t die. The essence is that one of your teammates is getting out the car and gets extra opportunities while you keep driving. By such dividing, you are going to gain the upper hand over your opponents.

Using doors to get to the higher places

There are plenty situations when using the doors can lead you to higher places. By entering different doors you can get to the rooftop, and it is beneficial. For example, if someone is outside you can watch him from upstairs or if someone is pushing you to the building you can get on top and wait for them to come out the door. Keep in mind that you can use positions like these to jump to other positions. From the entrance to the balcony and then from there to the roof. Being on the roof is impressive, it gives you a great vision in all directions, and it can easily give you cover. In PUBG you should consider everything you see as the way to get an advantage.

Make your buggy more silent

This tip won’t make you the more successful player, but it should protect your ears from the annoying noise that the buggy puts up. Once the buggy is near at its top speed of about 90 km/h, you no longer need to boost to maintain that speed. You can try alternating between boosting and not boosting, and you’ll see how the speed stays the same. This will not only save your ears but it can ease to hear the other sounds in the game, and that’s important. Also, you will use less gas while you are not boosting. This works best on flat grounds, so you are still going to boost when you are running uphill.

Usually close doors

By default, all the doors in PUBG are closed. When entering a building, make sure you close the door behind you. It gives you an advantage of not announcing to other players that you're inside a building. And if the door is open, then it’s a definite signal about your appearance inside. If someone doesn't know you're in the building, he may pass by without a care in the world.

It is also a significant advantage for attacking your enemy. When the door is closed, your opponent has no reason to think anyone is inside. So it will let you kill him with no effort.

Also, close the door when you leave. It will signalize other players that no one has entered the building. He is going to waste some time looking for anything valuable inside. And this is not a bad tactic - to make the enemies spend time.

Anyway, you can sometimes leave a door open after you leave, thus letting someone think that you're in the building. They are going to creep carefully around outside for some time after you're gone. Again, wasting other players' time is a good strategy.

Nothing is as good as Chicken Dinner. Hope, you are now thoroughly prepared for it. Have fun playing PUBG and discover even more tricks with gaining own gaming experience.

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