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Welcome to GamerKong, one of the most extensive online catalogues with over 20 thousand video games on it. No matter what you choose, PC or console, you can find the game on both platforms here.

We are Video Gaming Kings providing the only service you need to get video games data, news, insights and support.

Dive into the depth of computer gaming with its various genres and plots, find the exciting virtual mission and entirely indulge in the game!

But first, read useful reviews to choose the game. Select the one to amuse, not to be bored or puzzled while you are playing. With the helpful information we prepared, you will find out which novelties are worth your attention and time. With the latest news, rumors of the game world, and useful tips the process of selecting the game becomes fun and exciting.

Screenshots and features’ descriptions, Let’s Play videos and survey texts, a lot of additional information about each game will definitely help you to make a selection.

Want more?

Then you require our subscription! Loads of game reviews and blog posts, GetHelp answers to your questions, game lists and glossary access, unlimited charts, and ad-free access to our services is what you get subscribing.

We want to study the interests of gamers and help game studios develop more successful products. We are the team which aims to be on the top of trends in game development and instill a taste for cutting-edge games among our users.

Let’s get acquainted.


Trevor Thornberry

GamerKong creator, always looking for perfection in computer games, the fan of rare and vintage video games.

Eugene Black

the game developer, responds to the technical part of reviews on our site.

Rita McMillan

UX/UI designer, digs to the bottom of games interface and gamers experience.

Leanne Richardson

GamerKong editor, in love with mixing words beauty and games aesthetics, uses her skills to describe the game in the best manner of writing.

Tom Fieller, Editor-in-Chief

estimates when the game performance fits the game’s goal and purpose, our rational critique of everything imperfect in computer gaming.


All together we adore video games. We understand the industry. We value our users. Stay tuned and subscribe to our services. Become advanced, flawless game player with GamerKong support.

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